We are an accomplished organizational development firm focused on helping members of the C-Suite and leadership teams build strong and admired organizations. We work with the C-Suite to articulate strategy and priorities, assess organizational capability and culture, identify gaps between the desired future and current reality and engage people throughout the business in achieving extraordinary results.

Our team brings deep experience as consultants, psychologists, coaches, and former executives – experts in ensuring that every leadership team we work with is aligned on strategic imperatives and firing on all cylinders. Our clients tell us that it’s not just what we do, but how we do it that makes us stand out in the crowd. And don’t just take our word for it, here’s what they have to say in their own, unedited words.

Our clients include publicly and privately held companies and not-for-profits, of all sizes and types of industries.


We focus our relationships and our work at the C-Suite level for a number of reasons. We strongly believe that the performance and behavior of top leaders has the greatest impact on and creates the highest potential for an organization’s success. Starting the work in the C-Suite sends the strongest signal to the organization that the top leaders are serious about change. And, while meaningful change can start elsewhere, we often find that complex problems that show up elsewhere in the organization are ultimately anchored in the C-Suite. The approaches that we use in the C-Suite can then be cascaded throughout the organization.

“Once people reach the C-Suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills…”
                                                                                                                    – Harvard Business Review, March 2011


We believe that top leader behavior and performance, both as individuals and as teams, impacts all other outcomes in a business.

We believe that the most effective organizations are led by leaders committed to their own development, and to succeeding as part of a fully developed and high performing team.

We believe that, because organizations are complex systems, leaders must address both the mechanics (formal, and what is expected of people based on structure, work processes, goals, metrics and systems) and the dynamics (informal, and how people interact and perform their work based on their individual preferences, self- and team-awareness, trust levels, shared understanding and organizational culture) of the business to ensure long-term success.

We believe that shared values are the common denominator for decision-making.

We believe that choosing between short-term business results and long-term business success is a false choice, and that it is possible and necessary to build the capabilities required for enduring success while working on short-term results.

We believe that when people’s needs for purpose (performing worthwhile work), affiliation, growth and recognition are met, they will fully invest in the success of the business.

We believe that a balanced focus on profits, people and the planet is the way to create sustainable business success.