Why choose Chelsea C-Suite Solutions?



We have spent a big chunk of our careers fascinated by, learning about and practicing in the C-Suite.

We are equal parts consultant, coach, shrink and business partner. Really. Just ask our clients. And while you’re at it, ask them how they like that eclectic mix.

We are experts at digging into the stuff that keeps folks in the C-Suite up at night and crafting fresh, straightforward solutions to those complex business issues.

We are relentlessly curious.

We are fearless. We would rather be a clear mirror to you and your business than take your money and fail. It’s how we are wired.

We are collaborative. We don’t do it for you or to you. We partner with you to bring about the conditions that foster success. And we collaborate with others on our extended team to bring the right resources to the table to meet the challenges of your unique situation.

We are patient and compassionate. We know that meaningful change takes time. We would rather hang in there with you over time and ensure the story has a happy ending than be part of an interesting chapter that ultimately went nowhere.

We are adaptable and realistic. We know Rome wasn’t built in a day (and also understand that our clients may still want it built in a week).

We run our own business with the same compelling principles and thinking that we bring to your organization. That doesn’t mean we are perfect, and we don’t expect our clients to be perfect either. We think real businesses are like real people – flawed and idiosyncratic; yet capable of achieving astonishing results.