It’s easy to make claims about impact, but you know and we know that the best way to understand if we’re the right fit for your organization is to listen to success stories from C-Suites where we’ve worked.

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Chelsea C-Suite Solutions American Express Case Study

A large division of American Express continued to lose an unacceptable number of its most talented leaders, in spite of initiatives focused on employee engagement, organization redesign and selection enhancements. We were brought in to uncover the root causes of the turnover problem and co-design a solution that opened up lines of communication, created consistent expectations throughout the recruiting and on boarding process and designed a mentoring program to help new leaders succeed.

The Result: Turnover rates were dramatically reversed, and divisional goals achieved according to plan. Read more


Chelsea C-Suite Solutions Pfizer Case StudyAt pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, a perfect storm of expiring patents, biotech startups, new health care regulations and price pressure from insurance providers was squeezing margins that had historically funded major research and development for the next blockbuster drug. When the Chairman gave Licensing & Development the new responsibility of loading the pipeline with new, promising compounds, the L&D leader brought us in to help her with a major transformation in the way business was done.

The Result: Three highly siloed divisions were brought together under one Licensing group, and almost $8 billion of new compounds were acquired for the product pipeline. Read more


Chelsea C-Suite Juicy Couture Case Study

The new President of Juicy Couture, a contemporary fashion brand, viewed the economic downturn as an opportunity to implement a new strategy, moving from a wholesale and distribution to a retail and digital channel focus. Although there was a positive entrepreneurial spirit, his assessment was that the business “lacked the structures, systems, processes and people required to create an engine for growth.” He brought us in to facilitate the alignment of his top leaders around five key initiatives required to rebuild the brand, prioritize initiatives, allocate resources and get people focused on doing the right things.

The Result: Juicy Couture performed well as a luxury brand throughout the recession, and was well positioned for growth. Read more