Principal, Culture and Change

Dave's work focuses on bringing out the best in leaders and teams, and is rooted in a belief that implementing great strategies and processes are for naught if people are not showing up as their best selves. Through one-on-one executive coaching, team performance/dynamics work, change management, culture work, and large group facilitation, Dave helps individuals be more effective leaders and teams be more aligned, high performing and self aware.

His significant coaching experience includes work with senior leaders in large, multi-national organizations to increase job performance, improve executive presence, cultivate self-awareness, broaden team leadership capability and incorporate systems thinking. Recent coaching engagements include the Senior Vice Presidents of Mergers & Acquisitions, General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer in the financial service sector, and the Chief Financial Officer and SVP, Sales for Medidata Solutions, a publicly traded technology company.

In addition to his work in people dynamics, Dave has twenty years of experience in the Compensation and Performance Management arena, designing programs for both public and private organizations, which he helps organizations implement with a change management lens.

Finally, Dave's 15 years experience as an independent filmmaker provides unique opportunities to bring powerful messaging and storytelling capabilities to his clients. Dave has a B.S. In Mathematics from Colgate University and is an active member of The Society of Organizational Learning and WorldAtWork. His feature film collaborations have won awards at international film festivals.