We are relentlessly curious and have a reputation for asking insightful questions and reframing issues. We also have many years of experience creating innovative solutions that address real problems and opportunities for our clients. We are developing a body of thought leadership that reflects what we are pondering and discovering and will share our thinking with you from time to time.


Shock Proof


Written by Debra Jacobs, Garrett Sheridan and Juan Pablo Gonzáles

Returning to competitive health and profitability in the face of economic downturns requires a dynamic realignment of business strategies, organizational design, and talent management. Based on timely research, Shockproof empowers and enables business leaders, owners and managers to make and maintain the necessary connection between strategies and organization to achieve sustainable performance. You can order the book from


Leadership Coaching


Written by Debra Jacobs, Kittie W. Watson, Larry L. Barker

This book presents 12 key steps for initiating, engaging in, and continuously improving upon the coaching process.
By applying the process described in this book, leaders can achieve the ultimate performance goal: becoming confident, independent thinkers who not only believe in their own innate ability to make good decisions for themselves and their organizations but act in ways that add exceptional value to their families, their friendships and the enterprises they lead. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a complimentary guide.