We regularly compile learning aids to support our client engagements, whether coaching, team/function development or a large company event. These add-ons have ranged from well-designed games to launch a new brand to a comprehensive toolkit of back-of-the-napkin tools to help a team achieve its project charter. Our innovative team works with you to craft the right learning aids for every solution. We work quickly, offer fresh and engaging tools and ensure that the content is exactly right for your business need.



Sticky Values


Created in partnership with one of our clients, the Sticky Values game was developed to help employees in groups of 3-6 learn how to apply company-specific core values to sticky business situations. Great for discussing business ethics, cascading new values, orientating employees, building teams and aligning employees around new cultural norms.

How it Works: Game players select a Situation Card from a deck of 25 situations and read the situation aloud. They then choose from a stack of Values Cards the specific value that applies to the situation, explaining why they selected that value. Other players chime in with point of view. All situations are customized to your culture and business. Each game includes value cards, situation cards, instructions and zip lock packaging with your company brand. Guaranteed to transform your company values conversations from platitudes to practices.

Optional: Take-away business card sized set of values and behaviors for each employee.
Note: We design the game to fit with your brand aesthetic. This is a sample of our work, only.


The Snomodust Summit

snomodust summit

We originally created The Snomodust Summit as a cross-cultural communication simulation. The Snomodust activity helps interdependent teams learn how to improve communication, trust, and shared goal setting through a simple, engaging business simulation. Teams take on futuristic business roles, one team the marketing entity for a substance that can reverse the greenhouse effect and the other team the excavators and owners of the precious substance. Each team is given instructions about their own business culture, norms, beliefs and competencies. They meet three times in one hour to accomplish a specific goal, learning along the way the principles and skills that lead to strong inter-team and cross-functional teams.

Developed by Debra Jacobs Hamby and Dr. Carole Spitzack Daruna.



High Performance Team Toolkit

Our clients often request our help in the development of high performance team toolkits to support team leaders in the development of their working or collateral teams. These toolkits include frameworks, models, questions and tools to use at various phases of the team development process. We select, adapt and compile content that aligns with your organization language, practices and preferences. The high performance team toolkit is very useful for leaders of intact teams at all levels in the organization and for project team leaders.


Mentorship Toolkit

Our customized mentorship toolkit frequently accompanies our Mentorship Program as the “go to” resource for those mentoring, being mentored, or supervising a mentor or mentee. The toolkit can also be used “stand alone” to help high potential employees identify mentoring goals, possible mentors and initiate the mentorship process. A must have for organizations focused on improved employee engagement.




Organization Mechanics and Dynamics – The Leadership Series

This customized guidebook helps leaders distinguish between organization mechanics and dynamics and explains why both are necessary elements of well-led businesses. The book is pocket-sized and spiral bound, a ready tool for leaders at all levels as they navigate every kind of business situation. A great assist to sharpen a leader’s ability to observe and understand both group and interpersonal dynamics.


Effective Large Group Presentations – The Leadership Series

This customized guidebook helps leaders plan for and deliver highly effective presentations by conducting a stakeholder analysis, developing a message structure that engages the audience, incorporating principles of influence and persuasion, practicing with immediate feedback tools, and using technology to capture attention and lock in retention. The book is pocket-sized and spiral bound, and can be used as a workbook for any leader seeking to improve his or her presentation effectiveness.

Other “Leadership Series” themes that may interest you:

– Teaming at the Top
– Balancing the Tell with the Ask
– Making Decisions Together
– Reading Non-verbal Messages
– Growing Others
– The Compassionate Company
– Getting Everyone on the Same Page
– Slowing Down to Go Fast
– Seeing Things Differently
– Being the Leader You Seek
– Catching Others Being Right
– Just Enough Feedback
– Looking Where You Get Hooked
– Not Knowing It All (aka Knowing How to Ask for Help)
– Yours, Mine and Ours
– Leading Great Meetings
– Clarifying Your Vision
– Setting a Simple Strategy
– Developing an Operational Plan
– Designing an Aligned Organization
– Growing Values and Culture