what we do

Our expertise spans a broad range of services focused on ensuring that your organization is aligned around a strategy that drives value, and has the organizational capacity needed to deliver extraordinary results.

Organization ALIGNMENT
We help you articulate a compelling strategy, fine tune your business priorities and align your leadership and culture to get extraordinary results.

Organization DEVELOPMENT
We develop the ability of your leaders and teams to execute your strategy through individual and team-based coaching and targeted developmental initiatives. We introduce streamlined practices and time-tested tools that ensure you have people showing up as their best selves—as high performers and powerful team contributors.

Starting with what it takes to perform the work, we help you identify the most pressing work process and structural improvement needs of the organization, create a roadmap for closing the gaps, and facilitate the working sessions that result in removing performance barriers and making it easy for people to do their jobs.



We work with you to answer three fundamental questions:
(1) What is our central purpose, and how will we create value?
(2) What is our unique source of differentiation – what will set us apart?
(3) Where will we focus our attention, based on market opportunity?
We then design the optimal mix of meetings and other communications to cascade your strategy throughout the organization in ways that drive deep understanding of and commitment to what must be done to achieve your strategic goals.



Our clients count on us to keep their talent pipeline full by identifying and growing high-potential employees and executive team successors while we help their incumbent top leaders succeed. Our integrated assessment, selection and coaching process ensures that, while high-potential employees are contributing maximum value in their current roles, they are also prepared to step into other roles across and up the organization.


The first and most critical step of mobilizing an organization around a strategy is to align the leadership. We work with top teams to ensure that everyone shares a deep understanding and true commitment to strategic priorities. We create an environment where leaders can think systemically about shared goals as well as how the strategy will affect their own part of the organization. We make sure leaders are heard if they express doubt or confusion about any part of the strategy and that their concerns are addressed in ways that pave the way for successful implementation.


Organizational culture is like a powerful immune system – it will either support strategic change efforts or work against them, no matter how urgently they are needed. We help you understand your current culture and the culture that will be required for your strategy to take hold and flourish. We then facilitate a stakeholder dialogue on how to close the culture gap and create the new “way we do things around here”.


Research is now demonstrating how focusing on profits, people, and planet can contribute to building sustainable business success. We help executive teams integrate Corporate Social Responsibility as a strategic differentiator, and not just bolt it on as an afterthought. We then craft engagement strategies that ensure that all stakeholders, up and down the value chain, are brought into the dialogue in ways that drive real results for the business and everyone impacted by it.


We take the time to understand your current reality, and help you do the same. We interview key stakeholders, asking probing questions about your strategy, organization, talent, and leadership. We then create a forum to feed those findings back to your C-Suite team, discuss the implications, and prioritize the most critical issues that must be addressed.


Organization Design isn’t about boxes and lines on org charts, and it isn’t static. We work with you to realign your organization around the work that needs to be done in order to deliver strategic results. We look for quick wins, and dynamic long-term solutions that help you identify the boundaries and interdependencies required to manage the white spaces effectively. We help you get the right people with the right skills into the right roles, doing the right things at the right time.


Structural issues, workflow misunderstandings, decision making rights, unspoken and unmet expectations can all lead to inter-team problems. We create the space for truth-telling and clearing the air, and facilitate the dialogue needed to assess the root causes of inter-team problems and resolve them by reaching agreement on inter-team accountabilities, authorities, decision rights, and operating principles.


It has been said that people don’t resist change; they resist being changed. Successful changes in strategy require strong, proactive change leadership. We help leaders become effective change agents by designing experiences, processes and tools that help them embrace change personally, and learn how to help others move through the change process.


We work with your top team to build a shared understanding of what is required to deliver on your strategy. Through team and one-on-one coaching, we help create clarity around roles, accountabilities and relationships, build the skills, behaviors and culture to work effectively both as a team and as individuals, and model what is expected from the organization.


Using a highly confidential process of assessment and coaching, we help executives leverage their strengths and acknowledge their blind spots. We help them recognize the impact that their behavior has on others and on organizational results, and own their personal development. Through long-term coaching relationships, we help executives build the skills and Emotional Intelligence that ensure individual and business success.


We help transform HR teams from transactional order takers to skilled business partners and enablers of change through the design and facilitation of a custom tailored experience.